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The Mombasa Port facilities are important not only to the country's own economy but also to landlocked Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi, and to Eastern Zaire and Southern Sudan, whose freight trade uses the port.

Olepolos Country Club
Olepolos Country Club

Founded in 1996, Olepolos Country Club continues to grow and is continuously establishing itself as one of the best Nyama Choma joints in Kenya. Located on the Nairobi- Magadi road, it is 40 kms away from Nairobi’s City Centre, past Kiserian and Corner Baridi in Maasai country.

Entrenched in the community, Olepolos employs and continuously engages members of the local Masai community. With its Masai dancers, crafts, panoramic view points, scenic swimming pool area, friendly staff and ample space, Olepolos Country Club offers an authentic outdoor fun ‘meating’ (meet and meat eating) experience for the whole family.

Olepolos Rd off Magadi Rd
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