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The independent monument was buit in 1988 to honor 25 years of independence and stands as a remembrance of the remarkable history of the land

Kenya Railways Museum
Kenya Railways Museum

The Railway Museum is situated in an old railway building, at the northwest end of the Nairobi station, along Uhuru Highway.

Established in 1917 by the then East African Railways and Harbours Corporation, dedicated to safeguarding and exhibiting remnants and records of the railways of East Africa from their date of establishment to the present day.

A collection of steam locomotives and rolling stock are widely displayed, including smaller exhibits and models. Apart from trains and ship models, the carriage used during the hunt for the Man-eater of Kima in 1900 is exhibited in the yard of the Railway Museum, together with photographs from the original construction of the Uganda Railway are also on display, along with maps and drawings as well as Railway magazines.

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