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Kariandusi Pre-Historic Site
Kariandusi Pre-Historic Site

Kariandusi is an archaeological dig site in the Lake Nakuru & Elementaita area.

This site is one of the first archaeological digs in East Africa where evidence of Lower Paleolithic tribes (1 - 2.5 million years ago) was uncovered.

Dr Leakey, the renowned paleontologist uncovered the first Acheulian site (Stone tool factory site) dating back 1 million years ago. In 1928, after numerous collections of tool specimens were uncovered, it was concluded that Kariandusi was indeed the home of the first hand-axe man.

Did you know?
It is believed that Kariandusi basin (Kariandusi riverbed) was infact a lake basin where Lake Nakuru and Lake Elementaita joined, in this area the level of water would have reached hundreds of meters.

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