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Elephants are very fond of water and enjoy showering by sucking water into there trunks and spraying it all over themselves. Afterwards, they often spray their skin with a protective coating of dust.

Izaak Walton Inn - Embu
Izaak Walton Inn - Embu

Located along the Embu-Meru highway, Izaak Walton Hotel is arguably Kenya’s most exciting destination. Izaak Walton Inn is situated in a unique relaxation point on the slopes of Mt. Kenya with high probability of interacting with monkeys from the nearby Njukiri Forest.

Izaak Walton Inn was named after Izaak Walton, born in 1853 in England. He wrote the complete Angler, which is one of the most reprited books to date.

Excellence Conferece Facilities Superb Accommodation

61 (Average Price)
Izaak Walton Inn, Kenyatta Hwy, Embu
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