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Scientists have placed the age of the Chyulu hills at between 1000 and 10,000 years, during the time of Shetani and Chaimu eruptions in Tsavo West National Park.

The 2013 Rhino Charge
The 2013 Rhino Charge

The Rhino Charge is an off-road event in which competitors are required to visit 13 points scattered over approximately 100 square kms of rough terrain within a 10 hour period.

Competitors are supplied with a 1:50,000 scale map of the venue, co-ordinates of the 13 Control Points and their Start position (at one of the Controls). Each competitor must plot the Control Points on the map and decide his/her route. Navigation is by compass/GPS and the winner is the competitor who visits the most controls in the shortest distance (GPS measured).
The event is organised to raise funds for the Rhino Ark Charitable Trust. Competitors are required to raise the minimum sponsorship set by the organising committee.

It is a unique and exciting competition that requires bravery and a high level of skill in off-road driving and navigation

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