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The Mau Mau was born in 1947, taking its name from the range of mountains bordering the Rift Valley at its western side, northeast of lake Naivasha.

Baboon Parliament
Baboon Parliament

The most popular animal site around Suswa would be the “Baboon Parliament”.

Unlike other baboons that sleep in treetops to avoid night prowlers, these Baboons stay in area called the Baboon Parliament: an underground cave chambers in the Suswa hills.

The baboons climb a series of small ledges high up on the cave wall. Safe beyond the reach of predators, and protected by a roof of solid rock, the cave dormitory stays warm and dry even at the height of the rainy season.

You will notice that all the rocks in this area seem polished and weathered, this is because of the constant movement of Baboon bums on them.

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